Between the seasons

Welcome to my new website!! A big thanks to Brother Jamie for putting together the whole thing. He spent hours and hours on it so it is hugely appreciated. The whole process was way to techy for me…

Dry land has been full on, intense and demanding on my body. Aerobic and strength has been the main focus in this first pre season phase and will move into a power and agility/quickness phase next week. This weekend I will be having my first physical testing in a very long time, so I am amped to shape up for the tests.

This post I would like to highlight Stoeckli- the swiss ski, and share some cool stats about them, hope you enjoy the read.

The 2012/13 season has been a record season for Stoeckli with 5 medals from World Championships in Alpine and Ski Cross.

Stoeckli’s top Skier from Slovenia, Tina Maze, celebrated 11 World Cup victories this winter and was on the podium 24 times this season, finishing up with 2,414 World Cup points which surpassed the previous record holder Hermann Maier. (2,000 points)

This impressive trophy case from the smallest ski manufacturer in the World Cup produces 1,700 pairs of racing skis, 220 pairs of them alone for Tina Maze. 4.7 tons of Swiss wood and 3,315 meters of base material were used.

The Stöckli test team covered 2,808 miles on snow and the racing team technicians used 325 kg wax.

The Stöckli ski manufacturer from Wolhusen near Lucerne has unique expertise in ski construction and I am lucky enough to be part of this rising team!

A special thanks also to Grant and Adi at Ski Connect for their help with Stoeckli. Be sure to drop into their shop at  34 Ardmore St, Wanaka, for any skiing or ski racing needs!


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