The Clock’s always ticking

With the Olympics on at the moment, I hope everybody has been able to watch at least some of the games. I am really enjoying not just the Alpine disciplines but also  some of the other winter sports out there! After watching an incredibly exciting Super-G race today and seeing the likes of Andrew Weibrecht put absolutely everything on the line AND pull it off!!!  – to ski into an unexpected silver medal. It just shows in ski racing that all you need is one good result and it can define your season.

My skiing has been going pretty well, I am happy with my development and feel I have stepped it up in a lot of areas, I am working really hard on the hill. However, the last month or so I have not been getting the results I was after. Little mistakes are just bleeding me time. I have been skiing through the finish and thinking, ‘yea I think that was a good run’ only to be disappointed with my time. Anyway… I need to keep pushing and keep learning.

We raced 2x GS at Oberjoch Germany. First day I skied really well first run before crashing big time 4th to last gate. I think that somehow rustled my performance the following day as I was somewhat tentative.

Next up Sam Robbo and I went to Sarntal, Italy for a Europa Cup speed series. I got smashed… I would put some of it down to just little things in Downhill that can be so costly, like one small open up affects your aerodynamics or a slightly heavy edge set. It would’ve been great to be able to get some training to work on a few things before the series but sometimes that’s the way it goes. I have put a lot of work into my skis to make them faster and have improved my tuck position, which were the other factors that I felt were costing me time. SO I am feeling more prepared for World Juniors later this month ;)

We just finished up 2x GS’s at Hochfict, Aut. On a flat hill I thought I felt fast in my runs but a few unclean turns proved too costly. Extremely frustrating…

A few more races and my final preparations before heading to Slovakia for World Juniors. Ciao!


Watching the night Slalom in Schladming with 40.000 Austrians


Our tuning basement in Sarntal


Schnee in Italy!!!


A replacement ‘mum’ for the week in our Sarntal hotel


It doesn’t hurt to dream…


The blood and sweat room at our home base in Saalfelden


GS at Hinterreit


The lads enjoying the fresh farming air


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