Up and away

There is a lot to catch up on!

10 races down and some amazing training.  So………

We arrived here on November 1st and have had great training at Echo Mountain and Loveland Ski Area with a few days speed as well, at Copper Mountain. Our team set-up is top-notch. Everyone is really competitive and we are each feeding off each other to get faster.

Consistency has been the focus for me in training and although it is still not perfect, it is definitely getting better.

The first speed series at Copper was a great chance to get on the speed track ahead of the Nor-Ams, in December. The field was packed full with World-Cuppers and I thought I skied credibly, picking up a DH result of 74 and a 54 in Super-Combined.

With my skiing feeling strong in training, I headed to Copper for the USA National Junior Series to throw it down. I placed 4th in the GS and scored a 2nd best result of 23 points to match with an 18 point result, which I scored in NZ. I was really happy with this result, it is awesome to start the season off with a result as it takes pressure off early and gives me confidence to build on my performance.

I also raced the Slalom and nailed 2nd place on the second run to move up from bib 34 to 8th, scoring a PB 38 point result.

And finally the Nor-Am GS’s at Loveland. The field was stacked full, I started bib 71. First day I finished  in 41st and the 2nd day I advanced further, to move into 31st place. It still is not what I was after, however, I’ll take the positives and it”s still a big jump from my start position.

The skiing in the races was solid but not exceptional so I know there is more in the tank. I will head back into a training block to improve on my consistency and form before  launching into the next Nor-Ams!!

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The top of the Copper Speed track


Training at Echo Mountain




Willis and I


‘Lights out’ at Copper


Rish and moi


The bottom of Copper

IMG_0743Our movie theatre at our mansion


 Our American ute

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